Sterling Silver Celtic Thor's Hammer Pendant

Sterling Silver Celtic Thor's Hammer Pendant
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Product Description

This Thor's Hammer pendant is so cool and so well crafted from the finest sterling silver. It is finished on both sides and the bail is built into the top of the hammer. It will fit thin to medium thickness chains. "Thor's Hammer" is sybolic of Thor, the Nortic God of Thunder and Lightning. He is the son of Oden and he rides the heavens on a chariot pulled by goats. The noise from the wheels of the chariot create the thunder and the sparks from the goat's hooves create lightning. Thor is said to protect all living things by whiping out evil with his hammer. If evil is about, he throws his hammer and strikes it down, with the hammer returning to his hand. Our day of the week, "Thursday" comes from "Thors Day", honoring Thor himself. Interesting google...

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