Thistle & Knotwork Kilt Pin

Thistle & Knotwork Kilt Pin
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Product Description

Pewter Scottish Thistle and Knotwork Kilt Pin

Stunning! Our Pewter Scottish Thistle and Knotwork Kilt Pin will make an impressive addition to full Highland dress. Featuring a bold thistle design and straightforward traditional Celtic knotwork, this heirloom piece will certainly draw attention. Masterfully crafted from lead-free pewter with a highly polished Sterling silver overlay, this Scottish Thistle and Knotwork Kilt Pin will definitely appeal to anyone with Scottish ancestry.

And ladies- what a bold look for your coat collar!

Other details include: Sterling silver over lead-free pewter Highly polished Stem and J-hook closure 3 5/8” length 2 3/8” width 1/8” thickness 62.65 gram weight (approx. 2.21 oz.)

Please note: Kilt not included. Photo of pin on kilt not to scale.

The Story of the Kilt Pin: The first Scottish kilts were worn without a pin, as well as without any undergarment. If the kilt was worn on a breezy day… well, there were many revealing moments! One very windy day, Queen Victoria was reviewing the Gordon Highlanders at Balmoral Castle. A young soldier, standing at attention, could not control the flapping of his kilt. The Queen, noticing his distress, walked over to him, removed a pin from her own dress, and pinned down the overlap of his kilt. Ever since, kilt pins have provided both a practical and decorative addition to the traditional Scottish kilt!

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