Rampant Lion & Thistle Kilt Pin

Rampant Lion & Thistle Kilt Pin
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Pewter Rampant Lion, Thistle, & Claymore Sword Kilt Pin

Inspirational! Our Pewter Rampant Lion, Thistle, & Claymore Sword Kilt Pin masterfully combines three of the most recognizable symbols of Scotland.

This heirloom piece will certainly draw attention! Masterfully crafted from lead-free pewter with a highly polished Sterling silver overlay, this Rampant Lion, Thistle, and Claymore Sword Kilt Pin will definitely appeal to anyone with Scottish ancestry.

And ladies- what a bold look for your coat collar!

Other details include: Sterling silver over lead-free pewter Highly polished Stem and J-hook closure 3 7/8” length 2 ¼” width 1/8” thickness 51.40 gram weight (approx. 1.81 oz.) Please note: Kilt not included. Photo of pin on kilt not to scale.

In ancient warfare, flags and banners were of great importance in identifying one’s opponents. King William I (1143-1214), also known as “The Lion”, adopted a heraldic device which displayed a lion rampant- meaning violent in action or spirit, raging, or furious. This device, which features the King of Beasts rearing up with three outstretched paws revealing fierce claws, became the Royal Coat of Arms in Scotland. The Rampant Lion is also featured on the Royal Flag of Scotland, as well as incorporated into the Great Seal of Scotland.

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